Could Lockout Mean No NBA Season in the Fall?

Could the lockout stop the Grizzlies from playing at all next season?

During a time when the Memphis Grizzlies have been enjoying an impressive run, everything could come to a swift halt in the blink of an eye.  While our basketball team has been on a roll, a labor dispute could keep them from enjoying another great season. At a collective bargaining impasse, NBA owners have locked out their players.  Whether the … [Read more...]

Susan Guy Saves the Day!

slice of pepperoni pizza

Susan Guy had no idea that her actions on Monday would lead to saving an elderly woman’s life.  That day, she caught wind of the fact that one of her regular customers, Memphis resident Jean Wilson, hadn’t called to order her usual pepperoni pizza in three days.  Jean had been ordering pizza every day over the last three years, so when the calls … [Read more...]