What’s In Season at the Memphis Farmers Market

One of the many great things about farmers markets is that they offer fruits and vegetables that are in season, which means that they are going to be the tastiest at this time than they will be all year. Here’s a sneak peek at what the Memphis Farmers Market will be offering in the coming weeks:

Memphis Farmers Market

Hot peppers are in season at the Memphis Farmers Market.

  • Mid-August: Hot peppers. If you’re looking to turn up the heat in the kitchen, the MFM has at least 14 different varieties of peppers from the mild ones like bell and banana peppers to the extremely hot ones like habanero, cayenne and chili.
  • Late August: Squash. There are 9 different varieties of squash at the MFM including summer squash, which encompasses yellow, sunset, zephur, crook neck, star, patty pan, early white and more. You can also find an array of fruits such as muscadines, watermelons, peaches, and cantelope.
  • Early September: Apples. Back them in a pie or put them on a summer salad. The harvesting of apples brings good memories of the beginning of fall. You can also find items at the MFM like greens, arugula and lettuces reappearing.

Head to the Memphis Farmers Market this weekend to check out all that it has to offer. It’s conveniently located near out Madison Humphreys Center community so head over and buy some fresh and delicious items for your dinner!

Photo credit: Yle is dreaming on Flickr

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