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catfishLove seafood? Love food period? Well, there’s one place that you absolutely have to try: Danver’s Restaurant on Kirby Pkwy. They’ve recently added seafood to their menu, and I can’t be any more excited! Being that I a down-home-southern-girl, I love some good fried fish. Whiting, Tilapia, or Catfish seasoned to perfection and fried to a good crisp that’s just enough to leave the inside flavorful and juicy will make my day! And that’s exactly what I got when I went to Danver’s.

While there, I tried the new Southern Style Catfish and Shrimp Basket. For only about $8, you get three jumbo shrimp and a decent sized catfish filet with a baked potato loaded how you like with garnishes from their famous salad bar. I always load mine with bacon, cheese, chives, and sour cream. Yum!

Well, needless to say, I was not disappointed when I bit into the catfish. It had just the right amount of crunch to it and burst with flavor with every chew. It was as if the spices were embedded right into the fish. The shrimp were great too! Though, there aren’t too many ways you could mess up shrimp unless it’s too touch or taste too seafood-y. Luckily, it was just how I like it: fried hard. (you may have to ask for this though). Plus, they were huge! They weren’t kidding when they said jumbo. :)

All in all, I had a very nice experience, and I will definitely be back.

Have you ever eaten here? Where was the best seafood you ever had?

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