Get Your Fix of Creole at Johnny G’s Creole Kitchen

If you are a big eater like me then you probably rejoice with sheer excitement at the news of new restaurants opening in town.  The news of a restaurant that is not only new but also offers you the opportunity to feel like you are in another city deserves a double fist pump. Well,  Johnny G’s Creole Kitchen is a new contender for your new favorite restaurant.

Johnny G’s Creole Kitchen has garnered critical and social acclaim.  In an age where anyone can use the internet to write whatever they choose about you, getting great word of mouth via the internet really says something about a business.  There menu selection includes Voodoo Chicken Bowl and Deep Fried Strawberry among other delectable treats.

So if you are ever having an itch for some Creole food but can’t make it down to New Orleans in that instant than Johnny G’s Creole Kitchen may be the place for you.

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