REAL Haunted Houses in Memphis: The Woodruff-Fontaine House

I’ve always said that the scariest stories are the true ones. It’s just something about knowing that others have seen spirits or strange happenings on the very ground that you walk on. If that sort of thing excites you, and you’d love to hear more, then you may benefit from checking out the Haunted Happenings tour on October 29th and 30th at the Woodruff-Fontain House Museum.

Visit some REAL haunted houses in Memphis!

Visit some REAL haunted houses in Memphis!

Victorian Village is one of Memphis’ most haunted neighborhoods. The row of huge Victorian houses was home to some of Memphis’ wealthiest residents at the turn of the century. On the weekend of Halloween, there will be ghost tours of the row’s most haunted mansion, the Woodruff-Fontaine house. The tours will feature the history of the house, recallings of past hauntings, and paranormal guides.

There are tons more historical sites like this near Madison Humphrey Center Apartments in Memphis. If you’re living here, you automatically become a part of history.

So why not join us?

Do you enjoy going on REAL haunted tours? What are you doing for Halloween?

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