National Yoga Day Celebration at Shelby Farms!

Show of hands–how many of you are lovers of fitness and activity, but are not fans of the mundane workout routines that one may encounter in the resident gym? If so, September is the month the marry your cardio with some diverse physical activity. Being that it’s National Yoga Month, why not take that up?

Aside from the many gyms and dance studios in Memphis that offer yoga, feast your mind on the FREE Day of Yoga being sponsored in Memphis!

On September 10th, Lululemon Athletica Memphis is putting on a day for Memphis community residents to roll out the mat at Shelby Farms Park. The free day starts at 9AM, featuring visiting ambassadors, Hannah Phillips & Leslie Rothschild from Give Yoga!

This is all a part of Salutation Nation 2011 which is a complimentary, international yoga celebration that is free and open to all levels!


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