Could Lockout Mean No NBA Season in the Fall?

Could the lockout stop the Grizzlies from playing at all next season?

During a time when the Memphis Grizzlies have been enjoying an impressive run, everything could come to a swift halt in the blink of an eye.  While our basketball team has been on a roll, a labor dispute could keep them from enjoying another great season.

At a collective bargaining impasse, NBA owners have locked out their players.  Whether the stalemate could delay the start of the next season remains to be seen and, the worst case scenario is that there will be no NBA season at all.  This would be a crushing blow to not only the team, but to the enthusiastic city of Memphis.  After all, having a successful professional sports franchise in our city adds to the energetic atmosphere we have to share with both visitors and residents.

What will the overall impact be? The team, which enjoyed an 82-game season and long run through the playoffs, has united the city – even those who would otherwise be disinterested in the team.  The Grizzlies have worked hard to earn the affections of residents of the Greater Memphis area, and they made a significant move forward last season.  But the lockout could turn that around in the wrong direction.  Here’s hoping that this doesn’t happen and that we can keep this team on the list of things that make our city appealing for those who are looking at relocating here.

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