Construction on Salvation Army’s Kroc Center Resumes

Construction on the Kroc Center started up again

While engineering problems put a halt on construction of the Kroc Center, the work has been resumed and the mistake has been resolved.  The setback will mean a year’s delay for completion of the complex project, which costs $30 million.  Rather than being finished next month, it is now scheduled to be completed in October of 2012.  The countdown clock on the Kroc Center’s website shows 429 day, 9 hours, and 39 minutes until the day it will open.

The complex, which will span 100,000-square-feet, will front East Parkway on 15 acres at the Mid-South Fairgrounds.  Said Montgomery Martin, CEO of construction firm Montgomery Martin Contractors of the fact that construction stopped after nearly all the steel framing had been erected, “It was just strengthening the bracing of the building and the connections… The building was not going to fall down, and it was not dangerous at all. It was just simply a matter of basic engineering.” Martin has explained that the fix was complicated because of the sophistication of the building’s design.  He stated that “It’s not just a big box like an office or shopping center…It’s very important and unique and fine looking.”

The architectural firms involved in the project are Fleming Associates and brg3s.  According to Scott Fleming of Fleming Associates, the fix will not change the look of the building, as everything will be covered up by building veneers.

Photo credit: linder6580

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