Susan Guy Saves the Day!

slice of pepperoni pizza

Susan Guy delivered pizza to Jean Wilson daily

Susan Guy had no idea that her actions on Monday would lead to saving an elderly woman’s life.  That day, she caught wind of the fact that one of her regular customers, Memphis resident Jean Wilson, hadn’t called to order her usual pepperoni pizza in three days.  Jean had been ordering pizza every day over the last three years, so when the calls stopped, Susan got worried, and what happened next went on to make national news.

Susan decided that it was time to stop by and check on Jean.  She had been such a loyal and appreciative customer over the years, and she just wanted to make sure she was okay.  When she arrived at the house and knocked on the door, there was no answer.  Susan went to a neighbor to see if he had seen Jean and he had not.  Apparently, she didn’t typically leave her house.  Still concerned, Susan dialed 911 and the police came out.  After breaking into the house, they found Jean on the floor.  She had fallen two days earlier and was unable to call for help.  She was transported to St. Francis Hospital.

Jean now has an alert system, but she was lucky to have Susan there to save her life that day.

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