MHC Update: Help Us With School Supplies For Our Adopted Child!

Madison Humphreys Center is all about helping others. We’ve  been blessed to be a happening community in Memphis, so it’s only right that we give back to our immediate community. We’re currently doing it with Fogelman (our management group) and Feeding America, raising money and collecting canned foods to help local food banks. But who said philanthropy had to end there or be on a grand scale?

We have recently adopted a school child, Paris (age:11; grade: 7th)  and are asking for help to get her supplies. Listed, are the items needed by her–so that on the first day of school, she’s on the same playing field as her peers. We are asking for either the supplies or money to buy them.

  • Clear backpack
  • 2 dz blue and black pens
  • 2dz pencils
  • 1 bottle of glue
  • 6 pks of college ruled notebook paper
  • 4 yellow highlighters
  • 3 three ring binders
  • Math calculator – TI87 (this can be a used one)
  • Black or Blue socks ladies size 6-9

Stop by our leasing office to drop off donations! Don’t Forget: We still have Fogelman CARES cookbooks for sale and still only $15!

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